Our Team

Michael J. Moses



Michael Moses serves as Chairman of Quality of Life Community Services Inc. 


His background is diversified across several industries, but improving the quality of life of seniors and people living with disabilities remains one of Michael Moses’ life passions. 

Under his leadership, Quality of Life  has brought life-enhancing resources to seniors and people with disabilities in three key areas: wellness, education and transportation. 

Quality of Life Community Services has been awarded numerous grants through the FTA and the Florida Department of Transportation. Through these grants, Quality of Life and the New Freedom Riders program have been able to provide over 13,000 trips for seniors and disabled riders in 3 counties.

Nancy J. Castellano



Nancy Castellano, Director for Quality of Life Community Services,  oversees the transportation arm of the organization and proactively seeks opportunities to assist the transportation disadvantaged population. 

Her background as a transportation leader in the Tampa Area over the past 30 years has given her great perspective into the needs of people without available resources that help them stay connected to services and to their community. Her ability to network and find alternate solutions is one of her greatest strengths.


Her extensive relationships in Tampa Bay and throughout the State of Florida have allowed Nancy to positively impact legislation and regulations which have enhanced service delivery to the transportation disadvantaged population. She has been an effective lobbyist, working with local, state and federal lawmakers to advocate for policy changes that benefit the elderly, people with disabilities and citizens who lack sufficient transportation resources. 

Charles "Trip" Weaver


Board Member, Trip Weaver, holds a Master of Education degree from Louisiana State University. As an educator, Trip has worked as a teacher, Dean of Students and Athletic Director. In addition to his distinguished teaching career, Trip has served on numerous committees and foundations in the Tampa Bay region over the last 30 years. He has served on the Pinellas Youth Conference, where he has held all positions – including President. Additionally, Trip is Chairman for the Long Center Foundation. The Long Center in Clearwater was built in 1991 with private and public funds at the cost of 14 million dollars. As Chairman for the Long Center Foundation, Trip coordinated the transfer of management of the Long Center to the City of Clearwater Recreation Department.

Trip is a strong advocate of the value of recreation and community social activities. As Chairman of Clearwater for Youth, he has partnered with the City of Clearwater Recreation Department to take Clearwater for Youth from a programming agency to a foundation which supports all co-sponsored groups in Clearwater (over 3,500 children served).